How to Trade Stocks - Trading Video

How to Trade Stocks - Trading Video

Tune into this quick tutorial video to learn the basics of stocks trading. Explore the simple fundamentals and how to place trades in just 90 seconds. The video transcript: What are Stocks? Today, we’re going to explain a little about what Stocks are and how they work from a trading perspective. Stocks, also known as shares or equity, are shares you can own of a company. The more stocks you have, the more ownership stake you have in the company. If you own just one piece of stock, you’re called a shareholder. Even though there may be lots of shareholders for a particular stock, as a shareholder you might be entitled to a share of the company’s earnings and even voting rights, but this doesn’t mean you’d have a say in its day-to-day business operations. A company issues stock to raise money, by selling part of the company to shareholders. This is called “equity financing.” This is sometimes the best way for a company to raise money, because it means they don’t have to pay back a loan or accrue interest. There’s a lot more to learn about Stocks. So, if you’re interested, check out the Learning Center on; where you can explore tons of educational resources. Or if you’d like to jump right in, sign up for a virtual account at, where you can start learning how to trade for free. Hope you’ve enjoyed this short video on Stocks from Sharp prices. Smart trading.

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