Free Download iMacros Script for Higher Lower

Free Download iMacros Script for Higher Lower

This is a strategy to trade with Higher Lower in Binary Option Trading System. Please use this strategy in Here's the rule: 1. Open 2 Trade Tab with same pair. 2. Set 1st tab to "Higher" contract, the set 2nd tab to "Lower" contract. 3. Set the barrier offset to get profit more than 100% In example, you can set to get profit 110% or more. (+) barrier for "Higher" contract, and (-) barrier for "Lower contract. 4. Just purchase "Higher" & "Lower" in the same time. To do this action, you can use "Higher-Lower.iim" script. You can download it here: Please note that this strategy can be lost in both position. So, if you want to use this strategy, make sure that the market is being on string trend or in actively movements. Don't use this strategy if the market is being on sideway. Please subscribe my youtube channel: or And also please visit: Thank you for watching!!!

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